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Installer Adjustment App


Installer Adjustment App is a tool that checks and adjusts files and folders created in the C:\Windows\Installer folder by installers created using Windows Installer technology.

In the initial version of this app, you only need to check the contents of the folder.

Ultimately, we want to be able to delete unused files. This feature allows you to delete unnecessary installer files and increase the free space when storage space is low.

Design policy

Just checking the installer file will not break your system. However, when changing the PC state, such as when adjusting the installer file, in the worst case, the system may be destroyed (apps cannot be started, apps cannot be uninstalled, etc.). Therefore, it shall be designed according to the following policy.

  • Get user permission when changing PC state
    When this application changes the state of the PC, such as deleting unnecessary files or uninstalling unnecessary applications, always operate with the permission of the user. This guarantees that the state of the PC will not be changed just by starting the application.
  • Judgment conditions for unnecessary files are approached in a safe direction
    By setting the judgment conditions in a safe direction, it is possible to prevent the system from breaking when changing the PC status.
  • When changing the state of the PC, try to restore as much as possible
    In the case of file deletion, etc., it is possible to save it once to another location so that it can be restored

Safety is our top priority. Please report us if you find any problems related to vulnerability or safety caused by the design / implementation of this application.

Support OS

Support OS is Windows 7/8.0/8.1/10.

In Windows 10 1803 or later, libraries and framework other than OS standard are not necessary.
In Windows 7/8.0/8.1 and Windows 10 1709 or before, .NET framework 4.7.2 is required.

Support languages

Execution : All languages
It works in all languages supported by Windows.

Display UI : English / Japanese
In non-Japanese environments it is displayed in English.

Installer to be analyzed and adjusted

This app analyzes for app installers that use Windows Installer technology. This is because only installers that use Windows Installer technology use the C:\Windows\Installer folder.

Downloads & Changes

Installer Adjustment App 1.0.0 ( Published on June 21, 2020)
Installer Adjustment App 0.9.0 ( Published on April 12, 2020)
Installer Adjustment App 0.8.0 ( Published on March 19, 2020)
Installer Adjustment App 0.7.1 ( Published on February 15, 2020)
Installer Adjustment App 0.6.0 ( Published on February 2, 2020)
Installer Adjustment App 0.5.0 ( Published on January 25, 2020)
Installer Adjustment App 0.4.0 ( Published on January 13, 2020)
Installer Adjustment App 0.3.0 ( Published on January 04, 2020)
Installer Adjustment App 0.2.0 ( Published on December 21, 2019)
Installer Adjustment App 0.1.0 ( Published on December 15, 2019)

How to install

Windows Defender SmartScreen

Please execute the downloaded installer. Please install according to the instructions on the screen after launching the installer.

The screen “PC is protected by Windows” may be displayed. In this case, please refer to this page.

How to use app

Currently, there is only a function to display the Installer folder. We want to add a description as the functionality increases.

Until then, please see the description of the each download page (In English) mentioned above and this post (In Japanese).

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