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Installer Adjustment App 0.9.0

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  • Create Date April 12, 2020
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About this version

This is the ninth release of this application. In this version we made the following changes.

  • Add the function to remove unused update installer files for simple  adjustment
  • Add an app tile icon

The initial purpose of this app is to remove unnecessary installers and free up storage space. With this release, all the features of "Simple Adjustment"  for this main purpose are available.



Added a function to remove unused update installer files. The following is the main window.

App main window (Version 0.9.0)

The main window has not changed from the previous version (0.8.0). This app can be launched with normal user privileges, but it must be launched with administrator privileges to properly display all installer information. If you have not started with administrator privileges, you will be asked if you want to restart with administrator privileges immediately after startup.

Display and analysis functions

  • There is no change

Adjustment functions

Adjustments make changes to the system. Please use it after understanding the changes. The changes from the previous version are as follows.

  • Add the function to remove unused update installer files for simple  adjustment
Add the function to remove unused update installer files for simple adjustment

"Remove the update installer files" button has been added to the product details window. The "Remove unused update installer files" button on the main window and analysis window has been enabled.

"Remove unused update installer files" button on the simple adjustment area

This is the function to remove the unused update installer files (msp file).  Unused updates are automatically searched and selected for update installer files to be removed. Update files that cannot be uninstalled and update files that can be uninstalled can be removed. Click the button to show a confirmation screen.


To use this function, you need to launch the application with administrator privileges. It is needed administrator rights to make changes in the C:WindowsInstaller folder. If the application is not started with administrator privileges, there is a "Restart this app with administrator privileges" button as shown in the window, so please restart with administrator privileges. If the application has been started with administrator privileges, the "Restart this app with administrator privileges" button will not be displayed, as shown in the window below.

"Remove update installer files" confirmation window (Only items that cannot be uninstalled)

On the confirmation window, the unused updates for the product are automatically searched and selected. However, in the initial state, unused updates that can be uninstalled are excluded from the list to be removed and are not displayed. If you want to include unused updates that can be uninstalled, check the "Include the uninstallable update installers" checkbox in the following figure.

Check box for items that can be uninstalled

If you check the check box, unused update installer files that can be uninstalled will also be displayed in the list and will be removed.

"Remove update installer files" confirmation window (Includes items that can be uninstalled)

For unused update installers that can be uninstalled, it is appropriate to uninstall using the "Uninstall unused product updates" in Simple Adjustment. However, you may need your installation media when uninstalling updates. If the installation media is not available, uninstalling the updates will fail. In such cases, you can check this checkbox to remove the update installer files.

Items selection

If there is an unused update installer file that you want to exclude from removing, you can exclude so by unchecking the check box.

Backup setting

This confirmation window contains settings for backing up files. If you leave the backup, in case the necessary files were removed accidentally, you can return to the original. We strongly recommend that you keep the backup for for accident.

The following two folders are created in the backup folder.

    • Installer folder
    • InstallerAdjustmentApp folder

In the former folder, update installer files deleted from the C:WindowsInstaller folder are backed up with the same folder structure. If you want to restore using a backup, you can restore this folder simply by copying it to the C:Windows folder.

In the latter folder, information about the removed update installer file (file path, file size, modification date, etc.) is saved as an XML file for each update installer file. The file name will be in the format of PatchFile_xxxxxx.xml. xxxxxx is the file name of the update file (xxxxxx.msp). From this file, you can see what update files have been removed. On the confirmation window, click the “Remove the update installer files” button to actually start the removing process.

Result window

The result window is displayed when the removing is completed. Successful and failed items are displayed separately. From this window, you can also open the backup folder with Explorer.


  • Add an app tile icon

Add an app tile icon

Starting with Windows 8.1, desktop apps can specify the app tile on the start screen. Added this app tile icon setting to the installer.

App tile


We have only implemented part of the confirmation and analysis function. However, the extension function is not so much verified, there is a possibility that there is a bug. We will be saved if you find a bug and report it.

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