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Microsoft Ajax Minifier

I wanted to use Ajax Minifier. The latest version is version 5.14. However, the installer download site (CodePlex) was closed in 2017. This is inconvenient, so I would like to be able to download Ajax Minifier and see the information.

The page prepared for reference & download of Ajax Minifier information is here.

What is Ajax Minifier

Ajax Minifier is a tool created by MSN team Ron Logon. The Microsoft Ajax Minifier enables you to improve the performance of your web applications by reducing the size of your Cascading Style Sheet and JavaScript files. The Ajax Minifier performs the following processing to reduce the size of the file.

  • Delete comment
  • Delete unnecessary spaces
  • Delete unnecessary semicolons
  • Delete unreferenced functions
  • Delete unnecessary parentheses
  • Shorten local variable and function name
  • Adjust string quotation and double quotation
  • Combining adjacent variable declarations
  • Delete code not executed
  • etc.

Provided format of Ajax Minifier

In Ajax Minifier, there was a dll version that can be used by calling an API from a program, and a msi installer version including an exe file that can be used alone.

The dll version can be acquired as AjaxMin by nuget even now (January 2019).

The msi installer version including the exe file was published as an AjaxMin project in CodePlex. But CodePlex ended in 2017.

CodePlex was Microsoft's free, open source project hosting site, which ran from 2006 through 2017.

Now We can only download the data as an archive.

It is inconvenient that you can not get an installer etc, so leave various information here as a record, and make it possible to download the final version.

The page prepared for leaving information is here.

We will make it available for download from this site, but all of the module’s rights are found in original creator Ron Logon.

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