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“Windows protected your PC” screen is displayed when starting installer

The “Windows protected your PC” screen may be displayed at the start of the installer.

Windows Defender SmartScreen

In Windows, in order to protect the PC from malware etc, Windows Defender’s SmartScreen function works. This is a function to prevent executing of a file whose behavior is unknown when trying to execute an executable file or installer downloaded from the Internet. Windows treats a file whose has not been executed by many Windows users as a unknown file.

This prevents execution as strongly as executable file or installer whose creator is unknown. In the case of a file digitally signed using a digital certificate, the creator can confirm, but depending on the certificate in use, a warning may be displayed.

The SmartScreen screen will not be displayed if signed using the EV digital certificate. However, there is a possibility that the SmartScreen screen will be displayed if signed using a normal digital certificate.

The installer released on this site is digitally signed to clarify the creator. However, because EV digital certificates are expensive, we use ordinary digital certificates. Therefore, SmartScreen’s screen may be displayed.

How to do when SmartScreen screen is displayed

If the SmartScreen screen as shown above is displayed, you can run the installer as follows.

The images prepared to explain the procedure were created using Windows 10 1803, so it may be different for other versions of Windows. In that case even if you do the same operation you can install.

  1. Click “More info” link

    More info of Windows Defender SmartScreen
  2. Confirm that the Publisher is “nishy software”
    If the Publisher is not “nishy software”, the file may be corrupted. Please download the file again.

    Release Windows Defender SmartScreen and run
  3. Click “Run anyway” button

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