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Installer Adjustment App 0.1.0

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  • Create Date December 15, 2019
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Since a newer version was released, Please do not download this version from this page. Please refer app page.


This page is download for Installer Adjustment App 0.1.0.

You can download it from "DOWNLOAD" link in "Verify CAPTCHA to Download" above. In the "Verify CAPTCHA to Download", if "I am not a robot" is displayed, please check and select the image with instructions. You can download it by selecting the image correctly.

About this version

This is the first release of this application. In this version we made the following changes.

  • Implemented a function to display all files in the Installer folder



Display and analysis functions

  • Implemented a function to display all files in the Installer folder
    Only the function to display the current status of the Installer folder, which is a basic function required before implementing the analysis function.

All files in the installer folder (Installer Adjustment App)

Adjustment functions

  • not started yet


  • Implements only the minimum functions for installation and uninstallation


We have only implemented part of the confirmation and analysis function.

However, the extension function is not so much verified, there is a possibility that there is a bug. We will be saved if you find a bug and report it.

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