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Installer Adjustment App 0.5.0

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  • Create Date January 25, 2020
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Since a newer version was released, Please do not download this version from this page. Please refer app page.

This page is download for Installer Adjustment App 0.5.0.

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About this version

This is the fifth release of this application. In this version we made the following changes.

  • Restructured each window
  • Added the result confirmation window



We reconfigured each window and added windows. The following is the main window.

App main window (Version 0.5.0)

The main screen has changed significantly from the previous version (0.4.0). The product installer list and storage tree view have been moved to another screen.

This app can be launched with normal user privileges, but it must be launched with administrator privileges to properly display all installer information.

If you have not started with administrator privileges, you will be asked if you want to restart with administrator privileges immediately after startup.

Display and analysis functions

Mainly the main window has been restructured. The changes from the previous version are as follows.

  • Restructured main window
  • Added "Product List" window
  • Added "Analysis Details" window
Restructured main window

App main window (Version 0.4.0)

App main window (Version 0.5.0)

Until version 0.4.0, there was a product list and storage tree on the main window. From this version we have removed them from the main window and moved to another window.

The main window shows the usage status of the Installer folder and information that can be adjusted.

The "Product installers" area shows the number of installers, the total size of installer files, the number of files, and so on.

The “Simple adjustment” area shows the size and number of files that can be adjusted. There are three types of adjustable files.

    • Unused files and folders not referenced by the system
    • Installed on the system, but replaced by another update installer, and unused update installers that allow to uninstall
    • Unused update installers similar to the above but not allowed to uninstall

These files are the target files for simple adjustment. On the right are buttons for performing adjustments. However, the actual adjustment process has not been implemented yet. Therefore, the button is disabled in this version.

Added "Product List" window

The product list has been separated from the main window and is now an independent product list window.

Product list window (Version 0.5.0)

This window is displayed when you click the "Show product list" button on the main window. On this window, you can execute the product uninstallation function and show product details that were on the main window until the previous version.

Added "Analysis Details" window

Separated the storage tree from the main window and made it an independent analysis detail window.

Analysis detail window (Version 0.5.0)

This window is displayed when you click the "Show analysis details" button on the main window.

This window also has the same "Simple adjustment" area as the main window. Like the main window, the adjustment buttons are disabled in this version.

Adjustment functions

Adjustments make changes to the system. Please use it after understanding the changes.

The changes from the previous version are as follows.

  • Show the result window after uninstallation
Show the result window after uninstallation

Until the previous version, the function to uninstall specified products and product updates has been implemented. We were able to perform the uninstall, but when the uninstall was complete, any results were not displayed.

In this version, the result window is displayed when the uninstallation is completed. Successful and failed uninstalls are displayed separately.

Product uninstallation result window (version 0.5.0)

Product updates uninstallation result window (version 0.5.0)


  • There is no change


We have only implemented part of the confirmation and analysis function.

However, the extension function is not so much verified, there is a possibility that there is a bug. We will be saved if you find a bug and report it.

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