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File Package App 0.5.1

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  • Create Date April 29, 2018
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Since a newer version was released, Please do not download this version from this page. Please refer app page.


IconThis page is download for File Package App 0.5.1.

You can download it from "DOWNLOAD" link in "Verify CAPTCHA to Download" above. In the "Verify CAPTCHA to Download", if "I am not a robot" is displayed, please check and select the image with instructions. You can download it by selecting the image correctly.

About this version

This is the second release of this application. In this version we made the following changes.

  • Improvement of basic functions and optional functions
  • Additional implementations and bug fixes of extend functions


Basic functions and Optional functions

IconThe package creation application

  • The same setting can be easily made by 32 bit setting and 64 bit setting in File Execution setting
  • Improved to make item selection easier by adding the folder type icon to the extraction root folder selection item of the group item

IconThe self-extracting format EXE file created

  • When privilege elevation of UAC (User account control) was canceled it is treated as cancellation rather than error.
  • Implemented that 64-bit application is executed when executing document file when extracting on 64-bit Windows OS


  • Improve icon of application icon on start screen

Extended functions (currently available only as an evaluation version)

IconThe package creation application

  • Windows 10 1803 (April Update 2018) is added to the OS restriction selection item

IconThe self-extracting format EXE file created

  • If extracting on a 64-bit Windows OS, they can be expanded correctly to a 64-bit folder (System32 folder, Program Files folder, etc.)


About the basic functions and option functions, it is verified using long time, but please report us if you find a problem.

In addition to basic functions and optional functions, extended functions are also implemented. Extended functions can be tried as evaluation version. However, the extension function is not so much verified, there is a possibility that there is a bug. We will be saved if you find a bug and report it.

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